About Dr. Malta

Dr. Malta is a graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College and is in his third decade of caring for patients. He's developed a system known as "Neurokinetics: Motion for Health". This technique uses a combination of therapeutic movement and exercises to re-establish the body's skeletal alignment and balance. Utilizing this approach to skeletal and neuromuscular health, Dr. Malta promotes optimal heath and well being in his patients, many of whom are able to enjoy their daily activities again after only the first session!

"By using a "whole person approach" to long term wellness, I seek underlying causes for disturbance or disruption (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the time) and apply intervention and lifestyle adjustments to optimize normal function. When your body is properly aligned, pain is eased and function dramatically improves. My patients feel better, stronger, more vibrant and experience increased levels of energy.

~ Dr. William Malta