Success Stories

I didn't know what to expect when visiting the Malta Family Wellness Center for the first time. Even though I knew Bill Malta socially, my skepticism about Chiropractic was high because of my family history with other practices. I did consider Bill a total professional and a good friend so when he asked if I would give him a shot at helping in my quest to become normal, I did not hesitate. I needed help and trusted him to do his best to provide solutions.

It had been 30 months since I was hospitalized with a staph infection in my spine. A coma was induced and I was on life support and the antibiotics were not taking hold and septic shock had set in.The doctors told my wife to call the children, as I was near death.

After 12 weeks in hospitals and rehabilitation, I was paralyzed and informed that the possibility of life-long paralysis from the waist down was highly likely.  Power wheelchairs, hospital bed at home and immobility was the picture painted, and that was exactly what my wife and I experienced for the next 18 months.

There is much more, but the 6-12 months that followed found me walking with 2 quad canes, driving my vehicle, working out 3 days each week at a fitness center, being as physically active as possible. The neurosurgeon and other physicians had told me that the spinal nerve damage was healed as much as I might expect. The Specialists turned me over to my Primary Care Physician and wished me well. Their prognosis was that I was as healed as I was going to be for life, but that was not my belief or expectation.

Dr. Malta asked that I provide recent MRI and X-rays. This was supplied and for the first time, I was treated to a comprehensive review of my spinal condition. This took place at our first meeting. Vertebrae were out of alignment...some to the left, others to the right, backwards leaning or in the opposite direction.  he "Specialists" had not explained any of this and it was suddenly clear why my physical therapy and the current workout routine was painful and not as successful as I had hoped.

The initial and subsequent weekly visits to Dr. Malta produced some profound results. My balance while standing was greatly improved, I was able to stand erect with confidence and without an appliance nearby and when walking with my canes, my posture became straight (not bent over as had been the case previously)! I was able to stand at the kitchen counter and prepare food, wash dishes and do other things without having to sit down after 30 seconds.

Conversations at social gatherings were again possible with me standing, pain free. Riding in an automobile was less painful; road bumps were not felt as much as before. My wife and I were able to drive to Pittsburgh (visiting my son) without having to stop frequently to allow for stretching.

My exercise and fitness program designed by Dr. Malta was producing better results and muscle development was progressing with greater success and less pain in the process.

There were other results but the most important to me was the confidence that I regained. I could take a step and know that my back would not spasm and cause me to stop or fall, there was some feeling of normality returning. 

The purpose of this sharing of information is to provide my perspectives about healing and positive progress following the Malta Family Wellness experience.

I continue to make appointments based on the Doctor's recommendation. Instead of visiting once or twice per week, twice monthly seems appropriate.  Important to me was the personal interest of Dr. Malta and his encouragement to give Chiropractic an opportunity to help me progress. In the process of adjustment and exercise routines to get me straightened out, one thing struck me with clarity...never once did Dr. Malta suggest that his efforts would result in healing. Instead, he focused on getting me aligned so that my immune system could function better to support my body healing itself. He was right in his approach and predictions.

Today I am experiencing less pain, have continued optimism and hope that someday my efforts to build strength and stability will pay off. I want to thank the Malta Family Wellness Center for doing what other doctors and prescription drugs failed to do which was (and is) enable healing and progress. 

C.J. Bachman

We all do it. Sit at our desk in front of the computer for far too long, leaning forward or slouching in our chairs. Then we get up from our chairs only to get in our cars or on the couch with the same bad posture. And then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, our back, hips, legs, scream out in pain. What have I done? I've tried everything: acupuncture, Pilates, yoga, even physical therapy prescribed by my physician. Nothing worked.

Then I met Dr. Malta. We talked about my lifestyle, my reasons for seeing him and what I'd like to get out of our visits. He set up a program of postural exercises for me to do at home. The whole routine takes about 20 minutes to complete. And wouldn't you know it, after only a few days, WOW! The pain I endured for so very long, gone! Now after 6 sessions with Dr. Malta I'm pain free. I continue to do the exercises he prescribed on a daily basis; I never want to go back to where I was before Dr. M.

If you've experienced low back pain, neck or shoulder pain, take my word for it, this works. The combination of chiropractic adjustments and postural exercises was the answer for me. Thank you, Dr. Malta. 

JW, Hoboken NJ